31 Main Gals

Just a couple gals who share in one place their talents and gifts through a blog with Proverbs 31:10-31 as our guide. While living miles apart the 31 Gals continue to share things that make life happy and full. While having the common bond of Jesus Christ as our Savior we unite as sisters in Christ as we encourage you on our journey of raising our children to know and love Jesus. You will find a {Cup o' Joy} every week to fill your soul with God's Word. DIY and tutorials that range from green cleaning tips to interior design and home decor. Tummy luvin' recipes that will keep your figure happy. Exercise and health care tips to keep your temple healthy.
 Meet the 31 Gals....

She's a mommy to one sweet boy by day and a nurse by night. Married to her high school sweet heart who has one amazing voice.  They are currently building their dream home together. Lives for taking awesome photographs and addicted to digital scrap booking. She loves a great pair of jeans and lemonade.  She's one southern gal who loves anything crafty. From ceramic tile to making curtains this girl has got it going on for their upcoming home.  Her favorite verse in the Bible is Proverbs 24:3.

This mommy hung her nursing hat up 3 year ago when her and her high school sweet heart welcomed a baby girl into the family. This girl is always on the move. This fit momma is addicted to her elliptical and has 30+ pairs of running shoes.  She has moved to 3 different states in 3 years.  One things for sure she knows how to keep it healthy on the dinner table and organized in the closets. This fashionista loves a great handbag, big sunglasses and knee high boots. You may catch her digging through your local Good-Will  looking for anything she can up-use in her home.  Her favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 15:13.

A coastal girl living as a pastor's wife raising their first born son.  You can catch her chillin' with a Starbucks watching her Dr. Quinn DVDs to unwind. Starting a new church is no small task, but with the beach nearby and a book in her hand, the waves sooth her mind. She is really excited about being able to spend time there again this Summer since baby boy will understand not to eat the sand! It still may be to early to teach him how to surf, but when he's ready, this mama is jazzed about teaching him about the waves.  Psalm 15 is her favorite chapter in the Bible.

  She makes a living by being a counselor and makes a life by being a mommy and wife. She loves to take old furniture and turn it into a new creation, she's always putting odd things together to make a beautiful creation (in the house and in the kitchen!) She loves being a mom, and a pastor's wife, but most of all she loves being a beautiful creation by her creator! You an always catch her watching TV with decorating and cooking. She even keeps a pastry bag nearby, for emergency's of course! Jeremiah 29:11-13 is her favorite scriptures in the Bible.

Glad you stopped by and hope you check back often to see what's new at 31 Main.

The 31 Main Gals


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