Welcome to House on 31 Main

What is House on 31 Main you ask? It is a common place where mommies across the globe join to encourage one another in the Word of God and share frugal every day things that make life as a mommy.....well, prettier, craftier, yummier, and just plain soul soaking good!  It is more than a blog or a facebook page. It is a place where we share life together while raising our children to know and love Jesus. In this fast pace hybrid world of social networking we decided to bring all of our talents to one place and share them with you and to glorify God with the gifts He has given us.

Who is the "we" I keep referring to? We're glad you asked! "We" are just a couple of gals that live across 4 states from NC to AL, who share in one place their talents and gifts through a blog with Proverbs 31:10-31 as our guide. We refer to ourselves as "31 Gals". Feel free to read about us and our loves to get to know who we are.  You can read more on our 31 Gals page.

What is Cup O' Joy?  Every Monday we will share a devotion of God's Word, or as we refer to it a "Cup O' Joy" that you can "sip" on for the rest of your week. You can choose from the 1 minute, 5 minute, or 10-minute sections depending on how much time you have at the moment.  We totally get that life is super busy but some days we know you feel like you just need to "touch the hem of His garment" {Matthew 9:20} to make it through the day on his Word. Knowing this we have created these devotionals based on what God has laid on our hearts for you! Keep in mind you can always come back and read these anytime if you decide to sip a little more of His Word.

Wednesdays we will give you a "Shot of Espresso" in your cup to keep you sustained in the Word for the remainder of the week.  As mommies it is hard to dive into the Word and sometimes we don't really know where to turn. The scriptures shared here are specifically for the mommy like you juggling all the hats that come with mommy-hood.  

Feel free to add friends and share the encouragement with other mommies. Give your input on the post and share what God is doing in your life. Let's keep each other encouraged.  We pray that you see this as a place where you can join with other believers to share joys and concerns. We hope that you see this as a place to post prayer request knowing that prayerful women of God will see your hearts desire and lift the request up to our living Father.  

Through out the week we will share other "loves" that makes life happy and full. From DIY, photography tips, healthy recipes, tips on living frugal ranging from couping to power cooking. We promise to add the whipped toppings of fashion and sprinkles of other things that make life sweet! No Latte is complete with out it! We pray that you are blessed through this blog and find it as a safe place to come back to day after day for positive up lifting encouragement that allows you to grab a minute for yourself to soak in God's Word and possibly squeeze in a moment to learn something new!

We love guest bloggers and if you would like to contribute to the blog please let us know. We would love to have you share what God has laid on your heart. Whether it’s a Word from the Lord or something that makes your life easier.  We love DIYs, healthy recipes, and any tips on a frugal home. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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