Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY NO SEW Cowboy Costume

So I looked everywhere for a cowboy costume for my almost 2yr old little boy and came up wanting! Either they were black and white cow or 2T that where huge!!!! So I decided to make my own! I went to a local fabric store and the lady there was very helpful and suggested a faux suede would do the trick! I got about 2/3 of a yard and it was plenty! So here is how I did it NO SEW! All you need is a hot glue gun and scissors plus your suede and 1yd of elastic!!!!

 So take your material and cut out a section off one end for your chaps

 Take a pair of your child's jeans and cut out two legs for your chaps and cut out the crotch area if you want the jeans visible when your child is wearing them.

 Now for the fun part, get your hot glue gun ready!!! You are going to hem up the edges of your chaps (all but the outside edges) with your hot glue gun. Put a line of hot glue along the edge of you chaps and fold over press down and let dry.

 This is your hemmed chaps from the back!
 This is what your hemmed chaps look like from the front.

 Now you can fringe your chaps on all the edges that you did not hem, I did the outside edges and the bottom of the belt area.

Take your 1yd of elastic and cut two small strips for the ankle straps

 Hot glue a small dab at each end
 then glue it to the bottom of your chaps
 Do the same thing at the thigh and with the remaining elastic glue it to the inside of  your waist hem

 This is what the back of your chaps should look like after elastic is glued on

 Now time for the vest!!!!
Take on of your child's shirts so it can guide you for cutting neck and arm holes fold your material like it would be a vest on over the shirt and place the shirt on top of the material. You want to material to actually be a little bigger than the shirt.
 cut neck and arm holes in the material
 then cut you neck line
 now for hot glue time! Fold the front down
put a glue line on the shoulder

 then put the front panel onto the glue line and do it again on the opposite shoulder
 I fringed the top of the shoulder just make sure not to cut into the glue
 then you want to hem the middle of the vest
 same way you did all the other hems
 this is the finished hem
 then I fringed the bottom of the vest!

 And now you can add any and all decor you want. I am going to find a sheriffs badge and maybe a little more fringe! But that is it! It fits great and looks great. As of right now I have no pics of my little guy wearing it because I put it on him right after nap and he was having none of the picture taking! But I will post them as soon as I get pics of them on. Here is a tip for putting the chaps on: go ahead and put the chaps on the jeans then put the jeans on your little cowboy!




  1. Very cute! I'm wondering, how did it hold up? I was thinking I could also use that iron-on hem tape....

  2. Thank you - this post helped me with my daughter's costume immensely!

  3. This is awesome, thank you for sharing. We are having a 30 kid b-day party for my daughter at a petting farm and needed this idea. Thanks

  4. THANKS FOR SHARING! I just made this for my son super easy :-)

  5. Bummer... My hot glue didn't adhere to the faux suede... Looks like I've got a bit of sewing ahead of me!



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