Monday, January 30, 2012

21 Days To Being Your Husband's Girl Friend Day 20

A few months after my son was born T and I went on a date. I know I had to of looked a mess that night because I still felt a mess! We began to talk about how things were now that we were parents and we began to talk about all the adjustments. He then mentioned how I was always wearing my "comfy" pants when he got home. Now I knew I was wearing those pants because I did not have anything else to wear that fit. And he was just letting me know in a nice way that it was hard to be attracted and flirty when I was giving the signal that I wasn't in the mood for flirty! I went out the next day and bought some jeans that fit (but only one pair because I was gonna get back into my pre-baby jeans) and I made sure to look nice most days when T got home. Btw, it made me feel better to when I cleaned myself up.

Day 20 Put makeup on and look nice when he gets home from work (not in your comfy pants)

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