Thursday, March 22, 2012

For the Luv of Aqua and Paint Colors

For today's House Luv I am going to share my new obsession.... the color aqua! Just to introduce myself I am a girl that's not afraid of color in my home. It makes me feel good and sets the mood for any room. In my opinion you just can't go wrong with a good shade of aqua, or wait, is it turquoise? Or maybe it's teal? robins egg blue?  Really you can't go wrong, they all sound yummy and they are so pleasing to the female eye. Men could live with out I'm sure, but they too don't mind a pop of color and aqua is seen as a blue or green to them so it is still acceptable.
  Speaking of Men, the hubs and I are in the middle of a new construction for our new home. We are in the painting stage and trust me when I say, women & men see colors differently. So we are living on trust here and the plans are turning out beautifully.  He is learning to trust me and I am learning to go with my first eye instinct and be brave an go with it. After all, it's just paint!
  So now that you know a little about me let me share my love.... {Aqua}   It's the new blue. It has been around for decades. In the 60's it was mint green. Then in the 80's it evolved into teal. 90's we called it sea-foam and 2000's it became turquoise. Today we are going to call it {aqua}. What ever the case the color is still around and people are using it in all shades not matter what the name. So just grab what your drawn to and go with it. You only need 3 elements in a room to tie it all together and make it "feel" apart of your home.
  Let me first start with a little inspiration and then follow with your input and tell us which ones you are luving today.  Maybe you can pin something you like and add just a pop somewhere this Spring in your home to make the place come alive!  The great thing is your choice of {aqua} can be paired with coral, tangerine, red, pinks, grays, taupe, yellow, lime green,  brown and black. You choose....

Source: via House on Pinterest
Source: via House on Pinterest

So what shade are you into? What is your favorite pairing? We want to know. Share on FB or in the comments.

With my son's nursery, I pulled in the aqua, tangerine, lime and brown.  I choose {frosty} paint color from Valspar. However I didn't have the color made at a Lowe's, I had my local ICI Glidden paint store color match and it turned out amazing!  I love their LifeMaster No VOC paint. It covers fabulously and isn't as pricy as the competitors. If your paying more than $36 for a gallon of paint, your paying too much. Anyhow... remember that wall colors change with the time of day and lighting. See below the first picture is a virtual color of what the paint color frosty "should" look like. How ever on the actual wall in day light on the west side of the home. The 2nd picture shows the true actual color. The 3rd picture shows the actual color at night with a true white incandescent bulb in the lamp to the left.

Oh I love this room, it truly was my happy place during many, many sleepless nights. 
Aqua can be very tricky when trying to pick out a paint.
I highly suggest taking your fabric or your inspiration with you while picking it out.  Aqua can range from blue to green. A true aqua is in between the two.

Hope you enjoyed todays post!
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