Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tot Tuesday: Food Pyramid

Have you ever wondered how many calories your little one should consume in a day? Apparently there is an equation and a food pyramid for our little ones. With E turning 1 last month, I have been researching this kind of thing and thought I would share it with you.  Hope you find my findings useful ;)

I just love this picture? I love the point of view this momma took during this shot. Just wanted to encourage your creative eye before I get started on the post for today. I am always taking pictures and looking for new ways to capture my little love.

So here goes. I found this toddler food pyramid on Pinterest and it is actually correct and solid. I love the authors website too. She has ideas for toddler menus that are easy to download and follow. click on the image to go to her site.

This is one of her post on healthy toddler snacks that I found to be very helpful and yummy.

I found this page useful for all meals. She shares recipes for download too that I found to be quite amazing.

For the mommy chef in you, here are several ideas for finger foods for you tots that I found to be a little more time consuming, but they look yummy.
Source: parents.com via House on Pinterest

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As always each child's nutritional needs are different and it is always wise to check with their pediatrician for any child specific concerns or questions.


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