Tuesday, January 31, 2012

21 Days To Being Your Husband's Girl Friend Day 21

Alright ladies! 21 days have gone by and you have been being the best girlfriend you remember how to be. I hope for all of you that your husband has responded and that you guys have had new life in your marriage! I pray that there was a spark that lit a new fire in your marriage and that you will protect it and cherish it by continuing to be your husband's girlfriend! Alright here is the big last day! Are you ready for it?! Drum role please...........

Day 21 Decide to daily date your man for the rest of your marriage. Come up with your own list of ways that you will continually date him! Make it a habit and I know your marriage will be better for it!

So there it is! I have done all I can do, you are on your own little grasshopper! Feel free to reference back anytime you want if you have any ideas! If you meet a friend who asks you how you have such an awesome marriage tell her it is because you are not only a wife and mother but your are your husband's girlfriend! Then send her here for the 21 day challenge!

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