Friday, January 20, 2012

Find your Mommy Sparkle

The Sparkle of my eye is this PRECIOUS girl......

I know all you Momma's have your little sparkles too, but I quickly realized after becoming a Mommy that it is SO easy to loose MY Sparkle. Quickly after my daughter was born, I felt as if my wardrobe drastically transformed into Comfort and not necessarily any form of a style. Priorities change and anything personal ( brushing your hair, shaving your legs, or simply getting a shower) gets put on the back burner! I know you ALL remember those days!

Thankfully, that period of time is short lived, but the "comfort factor" continues to stay. It is just more practical to be chasing a toddler in flats rather than 4 inch stilettos!

Most of the time, my day to day wardrobe consist of athletic shoes and workout wear, but I still want to Sparkle from time to time!

As Mommies, we deserve some Sparkle in our life! Right??

I love reading this when I have had a hair pulling day! "Keep Calm and Sparkle"

We as Moms must find our Inner Sparkle!

Zechariah 9:16 says,

" They will sparkle in his land like jewels in a crown."

Even when we have baby formula on our shirts, play-doh in our hair, sleepless nights written all over our face, and feel like a HOT MESS.....we SPARKLE in God's eyes! He thinks we are lovely and beautiful and SPECIAL no matter what!

If we can dig deep and find that inner sparkle, we start to sparkle on the outside too!

I always look for simple ways to sparkle on the outside, simply to have something beautiful to look at, to feel pretty and to put a smile on my face!

How simple and pretty is this......

How about a glitter craft with your little monsters (to be done outside of if we need anything else to clean up)........

Don't be afraid to Sparkle up your wardrobe too! Have fun Ladies....

Simply putting on a pair of sparkly costume earrings or a sparkle flat with jeans can jazz up any outfit!

Take a minute to marvel at the Sparkle all around you......

Celebrate life in the most ordinary times.....

*Not long ago, My husband and I were sitting by our fire pit for our (after baby bedtime) date and I lit up some sparklers I had leftover from July 4th. For no reason, we sat outside in the dark and lit sparkles. Why?? Because we CAN! Because we have alot to celebrate regardless if it is a regular Thursday night or not!

Step outside the box and let some SPARKLE in your life!

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