Monday, March 5, 2012

Tot Tuesday: Meet Anita and her {special needs journey}

We are so excited to introduce our newest 31 Gal!

You will be truly blessed by her journey 
as a momma of a special needs kiddo. 
I know many of you are living this journey 
too and need a little encouragement.
God laid Anita on my heart and with 
perfect timing she join us 31 gals.
Anita will be posting the 1st Tuesday of every month!
We are so excited to have her and 
just know you will be blessed
and encouraged with her humor 
and awesome out look on life.
Without further a-du, meet Anita...

He Is Doing Something for You
It is so hard to believe that it has been almost 8 years since our youngest, Ryan, came into this world with a bang.   Within a couple of hours of his arrival he was on a helicopter headed to the Medical University of South Carolina.  Days later we would learn that our newborn son had suffered a stroke just before his birth.  That diagnosis set us off on a journey that would challenge every ounce of faith we had.  However, I’ve heard it best summed up as, “It isn’t about what God is doing to us but about what God is doing for us.”  He is giving strength, wisdom, and a sense of awe at who He is.
I take great joy in knowing that I can hold our little 50 pound guy longer than most men.  Without realizing it, my muscles have grown throughout this journey.   And since he is humored and relieved to see breaks in his daily physical therapy for Mama to fit in some sit-ups and squats, he motivates me to get healthier.  He enjoys it even more if I increase the sit-up challenge by pretending that he is pinning me down.  It does feel good to get physically healthier but, more importantly, my spiritual strength has grown as well. 
Years ago I would have been rattled so much easier than I am these days.  This life is so far beyond my ability to manage that I can no longer pretend our family’s future depends on my abilities and resources.  Though this life presents new challenges on almost a daily basis, I have a front row seat to witness our creative creator come up with new ways to provide day after day. 
Yet in the middle of our busy provision focused world, He also finds new and creative ways to teach and redirect my attention.  When I cried out that I wanted our baby boy, who WAS legally blind at the time, to see my face He said, “Yes, I know.  I want my baby girl to see mine as well.”  When I become delusional and feel as if everything depends on my ability to finish a “to do” list, He allows our little guy to loudly stake his claim on my time.  And as he loudly claims that time I’m reminded of the wonderful godly people who prayed his lungs to a super human strength with an ability to reach super human decibels.
If all of that were not enough to leave me in complete awe of Him, He has also lead me down a road of research into nutrition and natural alternatives that don’t include a long list of harmful side effects that manmade chemicals bring.  I’m absolutely amazed at a God that would provide fruits, vegetables, and herbs that naturally promote health and healing.  The more we lace his favorite food, sweet potatoes, with vitamin packed foods, the more in awe of God I am.
 The special needs journey often brings tears and countless struggles but it is well worth the joy of having a front row seat to witness God’s glory.  I pray that the missteps and success that we’ve found along the way will help those traveling on this journey with us.  God bless you highly favored Moms and Dads!!!

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