Friday, March 9, 2012

Summer's Trend=COLOR!

If there is one thing we know about fashion this Spring and Summer, it is COLOR!

The other night, a couple of us girls got together for a girls night to laugh, talk about our babies, eat great food and update each other on life.  Of course, we had to get in some talk about fashion and the trends for summer.  We went from swimsuits to colored jeans and all in between.  I was sporting some colored jeans of my own hoping that it didn't cross the line of looking ridiculous!  I have to admit, I have really gotten into the colored jeans this season.  I love bright colors and a little of the unexpected.  So the question came up......What do you wear with colored jeans {which are so bright} and what are the rules of color blocking?   Basically, there are no rules!  Yikes, that sounds scary!  

Sounds like a good discussion and I would love your feedback too!  

Color Blocking is all over the runway, but how do we make it work off the runway? 

Colored denim is a great way to start!  You can seriously find ANY color of denim you want these days. 

I have found my favorite pairs at Target.  Yes, I am a bargain shopper and the Target jeans fit my budget much better than the designer labels.  Since you can't wear a pair of "green" jeans as often as your regular denim, there is no need to put a lot of money into them.  

These jeans from Target are amazing!  They have the perfect amount of stretch and come in so many colors. 

Celebs LOVE the colored jean look too.....

Notice how simple their tops are.  Keeping it simple!

Pair your colorful choice of denim with neutral tops, anything white, beige, or grey.  On the bottom you can wear anything from boots, to sandals and flats.  You are bound to look cute! 

Other options of color blocking look like this.....

I LOVE the long maxi skirt!  Perfect for wearing a great Mom outfit.  Since the maxi skirt is long a flowing, try not to wear with a looser shirt.  Keep it simple up top with a tank that you feel comfortable in.  You can easily have a comfortable outfit that looks super cute.  I have so many maxi dresses that I have worn in past years, that do not seem to fit the best up top and give good coverage.  Guess what my scissors have gotten a hold of.  If you are in the same boat, take these to some one who can sew and make a skirt out of them!  Problem fixed! 

Added bonus, its much easier to dress these days.  Items that you wouldn't typically put together now are the trend.  You could be color blind and be right in style these days.....

If you had to buy one pair of Colored Denim jeans, what would they be???
I am digging these color ankle jeans above! 

 So. Ready. For. Spring!!!

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