Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Luv: Give-A-Way.......Thrifty Nifty Thursdays

There is a ton of thriftiness going on over my way.
My husband and I are building our dream home.
We are finished with the framing process and
the plumbers and electricians are working away!
We have been blessed with the opportunity to build
in this economy and we are so grateful.
Enough about me... What about this giveaway?

We are planning to "bless our home" with scripture by inviting our
friends, family and those we know have prayed for us through out our marriage.
Based on Deut. 6:4-9 we are to write the scriptures on our "door post" and "gates"

So I want to share with you the invitation.....
click on the image to enlarge

I am sharing this invitation to one of our lucky readers!!!
Yes! I am giving away this invitation to one of you!!!
Fully customizable invitation or something to
print for your home. It is a 5x7 template that
will be sent to you in a digital format for you to print.
The sky is the limit!

You need to do at least 3 of the following things:
You must leave a comment each time you 
complete one of the following:
1. Share the post from yesterday's {shot of espresso} by copying this
 ( )
 and pasting it on your FB page.
2. Inviting 5 women that you are friends with on FB to the 31 Main FB page and this site.
If you add a total of 10 women you will earn 2 extra points in the drawing!
3. Pinning this on Pintrest with the comment "House on 31 Main, new mommy blog giveaway"
4. Tweeting about the give-a-way (hit the tweet button at the end of this post)
5. FB post about the give-a-way (hit the facebook button at the end of this post)
6. Blogging about this give-a-way (2 extra points!)
7. Adding our button to your blog (2 extra points)

If you have any questions ask on the 31 main FB page.
Want to become apart of the FB page?
Click on the BIG Facebook icon on the top right of the blog and ask to join.

We are so excited and each of your entries will put your name in for the drawing once unless it counts for 2 points and then your name will be entered twice.
Your entries will  not count unless you report it in the comment section of this blog.
Comment section is on the bottom of this post (it's kinda small) so look hard for it.
Entries will be picked with randomization utilized.

Blessings ladies!

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