Friday, January 27, 2012

V-Day Fashion Friday

Good Morning Lovlies,

With Valentine's right around the corner, Fashion Friday will be devoted to LOVE for the next two weeks!   Whether you have a romantic date night out planned with your Hubby or a quiet night at home after the kids have gone to bed, take time to add in that extra POP of pink or red for the occasion!

I do not tend to wear a lot of red.  It is just not a color I have a lot of in my closet, but Valentine's sends me digging for that one piece of clothing or accessory to make me feel festive.  I LOVE Valentine's Day!  I Love to make my Man feel special with a card and little gestures of LOVE wrapped up!  Valentine ideas for your LOVES will be the post next week so stay tuned!!

Here are some great options for your V-Day wardrobe!

Choose a red hand bag, necklace or flats.......

Target has great RED skinny jeans right now for $20!  Grab a pair STAT!

 Mmmm, this looks appealing too!  Don't limit red to just your 

I LOVE PINK!  V-Day is a great time to expose your LOVE for PINK too!

I would love to have a pair of HOT PINK pumps!  Wear with jeans and a simple white shirt.....PINK-tastic!

Here is a great Mom outfit for running around with the Kids on V day!  Looks more like what I will probably have on!

The only rule for date night is.....

Do not let your Man out of the house in this!  

It will NOT be pretty!

Stay tuned for next week's Fashion Friday!  I will be posting a V-Day Craft to add to your wardrobe and gift ideas for your Hubby and Little Loves! 

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