Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beach Day with a toddler

So summer is here and that means the BEACH! Growing up at the beach it is one of my favorite places to be and I am so excited to get to go back to the beach this summer! Last year C was too little for me to really enjoy the beach! As soon as we would get there he would shovel sand into his mouth and eat it by the bucket full! It drove me crazy so I just stopped going to the beach last year, but this year he is a beach bumb and so am I again!!! Here are my few beach-bumb tips!
1. Sunscreen! Make sure to protect those babies and yourself
2. Pack snacks and sippy cups- the sand and sun makes them so thirsty
3. Get a small baby pool- this was my most brilliant move for the beach!

I saw a lady last year do this with her toddler and I made a mental not to do it this year! I thought it was the best mom move ever!!! Just buy a small pool (they have them at the Dollar Store and Toys R Us) and tote it down to the beach!
Drill a small hole towards the top of the pool and tie a rope to it so you can just throw all the beach toys in the pool and pull it down to the shore. I just tote it down to the beach and then put it right down to the shore, fill it with a little beach water and let the baby have a blast! This method has provided ME with hours of beach time and I am so thankful to be back on the beach again! So if you are planning any beach trips this summer just remember to pack the pool! 

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  1. Wow that baby pool idea is ingenious! Thanks for sharing!



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