Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Childhood Poisonings

   A little incident with E prompted me to post this little blurb. If you have little ones you know how quickly they can get into everything including the chemicals under the sink, and yes those are chemicals unless you clean with vinegar and water.  Don't think because the medicines are out of reach now or that they are "child proof" that it will stop a relentless tot on their mission to explore.  It is our job to keep them safe and not ignore what can happen.

After our little scare with plavix and a trip to the ER for a charcoal milk shake, I went on ahead and added the poison control app to my phone. You can find it in the app store by searching "poison control" and it will be the first one to pop up and it will look like this...
Source: via House on Pinterest

You never know when your going to need a # like this so download it now or store it in your phone.   When the event arrises and you need the number, even if you know it like I do, you will not be able to think of it... trust me I had to run into CVS and ask the pharmacist and that was time waisted. Believe it or not, they had to pull it up on their iphones as they didn't have it readily available!

Once you download the app it will ask you for your contact information. They too like calling 911 are able to access information to help speed up the process during an emergency. It is a quick link and with 2 taps you are in touch with a Nurse. These aren't just any nurses either. They are highly trained in poison control and there is a toxicologist there at all times for further reference. They take their job to the next level and they are awesome at what they do!

Once we arrived at the ER the MD there knew who we were and all of what was going on because of the awesome nurse I had spoken to called and informed her.  This was awesome!  In these types of situations time is crucial!

3 things that myself and my mother learned from our experience with E....

1) lock it all up!   even if it has a child proof lid... it's never child proof!

2) Do not cause the child to vomit and do not give the child anything else by mouth if there is a possible poisoning.

I had to explain this one to my mom, so I will elaborate here.  If they vomit it can do more harm than good, even if your trying to retrieve something out of their mouth.  If you give fluids to "wash it down" your only sending it farther down into their system. Whereas if they need to drink charcoal to absorb it they may refuse to take it or you may have pushed it down into their system and there is nothing in the stomach to absorb. Makes since right?

3) As soon as you the app or enter the 1800-222-1222 into your phone.  You never know when a poisoning may occur.  It's not just with chemicals either, it could be with tylenol or ibuprofen too!   Always check the dose on your bottle with the doctor to verify. Several recalls have occurred because of the varying concentrations of tylenol and ibuprofen and mom's are overdosing their  kids because of it.

Hope this helps.  If you have questions you can message me on FB or email me at  



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